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5 “Cobra Modules” left from California to Taiwan / 「コブラモジュール」5台、カリフォルニアから台湾へ

Among the PFS instruments, “Cobra” modules position fibers to galaxies and stars on the Subaru Prime Focal plane. 42 Cobra modules, each of which consists of 57 fibers and its positioners, cover the entire PFS field of view without any inaccessible gaps as shown in Figure 1. PFS 観測装置の内、すばる望遠鏡の主焦点面上の銀河や恒星へファイバーを配置するモジュールは「コブラモジュール」と呼ばれています。57本のファイバーとアクチュエータで構成されるモジュールを42台、図1のように配置し視野を隙間なくカバーしています。 Two groups are collaborating to assemble “Cobra Modules”; Brazilian team responsible… Read more »

Metrology Camera left Taiwan to Hawaii / メトロロジカメラがハワイに向けて台湾を出発しました

One of the PFS instrument “Metrology Camera” was finally shipped from Taiwan to Hawaii!! Metrology Camera  is an instrument used to measure the fibers position while we configure fibers to target objects. Academia Sinica Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics (ASIAA) in Taiwan has the responsibility for Metrology Camera development, and they tested its performances before shipping in the last a… Read more »

The 1st blue camera cryostat was delivered in Marseille / 1台目の青カメラがマルセイユに到着

In January 2018, the visible-blue camera cryostat of the first spectrograph module was shipped from Johns Hopkins University (JHU, the United States of America) to Laboratoire d’Astrophysique de Marseille (LAM, France). Visible-blue camera at Johns Hopkins University PFS are developing the four identical spectrograph modules, each of which has three channels with visible-blue, visible-red and near-infrared camera units, in order to… Read more »