The second fiber cable unit has arrived in Hawaii

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Happy new year! The first article in 2022 is about the subsystem delivered to Subaru telescope a while ago.

In October 2021, the second fiber cable unit was shipped to Subaru telescope.

PFS fiber cable system is ~55m cable connecting Prime Focus Instrument on the top of the Subaru telescope and Spectrograph System on 4th floor in the dome building. Four cables are to be developed in total, each of which connects with one of four individual spectrograph modules. Since 2019, the phase-two assembly has been under way at Laboratório Nacional de Astrofísica in Brazil.

In August 2021, the shipping review of the second fiber cable was held successfully, and the cable was delivered to Subaru telescope in October. We confirmed that the fibers are healthy (i.e. they pass the light) after the shipping. We will proceed to further optical performance tests and installation on the telescope.

In Brazil, assembly of the rest of two cables are on-going. Since the team established production procedure from the work on the first and second cables, they are developing the two cables in parallel effectively by devising the cable layout on the tables and assembly workflow.