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Prof. Takada won Hayashi Chushiro Prize

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Prof. Masahiro Takada (Kavli IPMU), the PFS Primary Scientist, won Hayashi Chushiro Prize in 2023. Hayashi Chushiro Prize of Astronomical Society of Japan (ASJ) was established based on donation by Dr. Chushiro Hayashi (emeritus professor of Kyoto University at that time), when he was awarded for the 11th Kyoto Prize in 1995 [1]. He donated to ASJ encouraging younger researchers… Read more »

Richard Ellis won Royal Medal!

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Prof. Richard Ellis, who leads the PFS science team, won 2022 Royal Medal of the Royal Society in UK. Royal Medal started in 1825. Each year, the Royal Society awards three persons; the two persons who did the most important contribution to advance natural knowledge of physics and biology, respectively, and one person who significantly contributed to applied science…. Read more »

Obituary: Prof. Naruhisa Takato

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Professor Naruhisa Takato passed away on May 14, 2021. He got ill on April 24 while he was staying in Taichung to participate in the final phase of integration and test of Prime Focus Instrument (PFI) of the PFS instrument. An emergency surgery was operated on the same day and then he was under intensive cares, but he never returned…. Read more »

Obituary: Olivier Le Fèvre

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Prof. Olivier Le Fèvre passed away on June 25, 2020 at the age of 59. He had been fighting brain cancer with courage and lucidity for the past 2 and a half years. Prof. Le Fèvre was the key person to get the PFS project off the ground, bringing Laboratoire d’Astrophysique de Marseille as a full partner of the collaboration…. Read more »

Commissioning of IR detector at JHU

PFS is a spectrometer that disperses light and measures the intensity as a function of wavelength using photosensitive detectors. The operational bandpass for the PFS instrument covers the wavelengths from 380nm to 1260nm. The light delivered to the spectrograph is initially separated into three channels of blue, red, and near-infrared (NIR) by two dichroic mirrors. Each channel is deflected to… Read more »