Prof. Takada won Hayashi Chushiro Prize

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Prof. Masahiro Takada (Kavli IPMU), the PFS Primary Scientist, won Hayashi Chushiro Prize in 2023.

Hayashi Chushiro Prize of Astronomical Society of Japan (ASJ) was established based on donation by Dr. Chushiro Hayashi (emeritus professor of Kyoto University at that time), when he was awarded for the 11th Kyoto Prize in 1995 [1]. He donated to ASJ encouraging younger researchers to develop astronomy. Every year one researcher or one small group is awarded for his/her innovative research and huge contribution to development of astronomy.

Prof Takada has been leading large surveys using Subaru telescope to study cosmology precisely, and was awarded for it this year.

Congratulations, Prof. Takada!

[1] Dr. Jim Gunn, one of the PFS scientists/developers also won Kyoto Prize in 2018.