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SuMIRe and PFS are introduced on Nikkei newspaper / 「すみれ」計画とPFSが日経新聞に取り上げられました。

The PFS project was introduced on a Japanese newspaper “Nikkei” on 11 May 2016 (Here: only in Japanese). In the article, Masahiro Takada (the HSC science working group chair & PFS project scientist) and Naoyuki Tamura (PFS project manager) describe the SuMIRe project (the ongoing Hyper SUprime-Cam survey and the Prime Focus Spectrograph project), the scientific goal, and the nature/challenge… Read more »

Welcome to PFS! / PFSプロジェクトへようこそ!

Hitoshi Murayama The 7th collaboration meeting at LAM was a huge success. There were so much progress reported at the meeting, including the fully assembled camera being tested at LAM that was already covered on this blog (  The project passed Complete Design Reviews on three subsystems since the last meeting, and the survey planning is generating exciting new ideas… Read more »

Enjoy PFS blog! / ブログ始めました。

We started the PFS blog to show you our progress of the development, brief report of science/ technical meetings, and anything about the PFS project. We hope you enjoy our blog. ブログ始めました。 装置の開発状況や色々なミーティングの様子などPFSプロジェクトのことをお届けしたいと思います。