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Hitoshi Murayama

The 7th collaboration meeting at LAM was a huge success. There were so much progress reported at the meeting, including the fully assembled camera being tested at LAM that was already covered on this blog (https://pfs.ipmu.jp/blog/2015/11/p124).  The project passed Complete Design Reviews on three subsystems since the last meeting, and the survey planning is generating exciting new ideas given that we can now use the real HSC data.  Our colleagues at LAM had done a tremendous job in hosting us with no logistical glitches.  In addition, the buffet lunch is so delicious!  It is hard to beat French when it comes down to food.

The biggest news from this meeting is that a Chinese consortium has joined the collaboration.  Yipeng Jing at Shanghai Jiaotong University assembled a team of 11 scientists to form a consortium, and they managed to acquire resources to join the project.  They are young and strong team of astronomers whose interest match the scientific objectives of PFS very well.  We are very much looking forward to a productive collaboration.

The consortium consists of Yipeng JING (representative), Xiaohu YANG, Jun ZHANG and Pengjie ZHANG from Shanghai Jiaotong University, Junxian WANG and Yongqun XUE from the University of Science and Technology of China, Cheng LI and Houjun MO from Tsinghua University, Taotao FANG from Xiamen University, and Gang ZHAO and Gongbo ZHAO from National Astronomical Observatories.  Welcome to PFS!



マルセイユ天文台(LAM)で開催された第7回コラボレーション会議は大成功に終わりました。会議ではLAMで試験中の、組み上げられたカメラを含む大きな進捗が報告されました。カメラについては既にブログでも紹介されています(https://pfs.ipmu.jp/blog/2015/11/p124)。プロジェクトは昨年のコラボレーション会議後に、3つのサブシステムが最終設計審査を通過し、サーベイ計画も今ではHSCの実データを使って面白い新しいアイデアが生まれています。 共同機関のLAMの方々が素晴らしく会議を運営してくれたおかげで、進行上の問題も起きませんでした。昼食のビュッフェは最高に美味しかった!食のこととなればフランスはどこにも負けません。




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