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10th PFS Collaboration Meeting / 第10回PFSコラボレーション会議

From 10th to 14th December 2018, we held 10th PFS collaboration meeting at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China. Usually, individual groups for developing instruments and designing observational survey have discussions via regular video/phone meetings and  sometimes by visiting each other. This meeting, on the other hand, is the biggest for the whole collaboration to gather up for discussions. About 80… Read more »

PFS Science Working Group Meeting at Princeton University / PFSサイエンスミーティング@プリンストン大学

The PFS Science Team has established a working group for each scientific objective and has vigorously discussed what interesting science cases are to exploit the strengths of PFS and how we optimize the survey observation accordingly (visit our past post and our official web site for more details about science objectives of the project). Based on these discussions we have developed an… Read more »

Presence of PFS at the SPIE conference / PFS プロジェクト@SPIE国際会議

On June 10-15 2018, there was the SPIE conference titled “Astronomical Telescope and Instrumentation” at Austin Convention Center, in Austin, Texas, USA. This is a big international conference of astronomical instrumentation held every two years. Hundreds of presentations are given about a wide range of topics across ground-based facilities, space missions, and R&D studies. Like many other projects did so… Read more »


PFSプロジェクト では装置の開発と共に、大規模サーベイ観測提案書の検討も進めてきています。観測提案書は宇宙論、銀河進化、銀河考古学の3つを柱としており、ワークショップや外部研究者の書評も得ながら推敲を重ねてきています。この観測提案書には日本中の宇宙物理・天文学分野の研究者が参加することができます。観測成果を最大限にするために日本研究者の積極的な参加を呼び掛けています。 「すばる超広視野多天体分光器PFSは何を明らかにするのか?」 2018年3月14日から17日にかけて千葉大学で開催された日本天文学会の春季年会で、上記のタイトルで企画セッションを設け、PFSを使ってどのような研究ができるのかについて議論しました。セッションは1日半にわたって開催され、合計19の講演がありました。 企画セッションの様子 また、15日のお昼休みの時間にPFSに関する意見交換会を開催し、サーベイ観測計画、科学運用のイメージ、PFSプロジェクトへの参加の仕方等について話し合いました。意見交換会は1時間と短い時間でしたが、現在PFSプロジェクトに参加している人だけでなく、参加していない人からも多くの意見を募ることができました。 意見交換会の様子 今回の企画セッションを機会に、日本研究者の参加が増え、大規模サーベイ観測がより力強いものになることを願っています。

9th PFS Collaboration Meeting / 第9回PFSコラボレーション会議

From 27 November to 1 December 2017 was held the 9th PFS collaboration meeting at Kavli IPMU, the University of Tokyo, in Kashiwa city, Japan. More and more participants have joined to the meeting, and this year about 130 collaborators gathered to the meeting. On 28 and 29 November, we had the joint sessions and shared the project updates. The… Read more »

PFS science working group meeting at MPA / PFSサイエンスワーキンググループ会議@MPA

The PFS Science Team is now planning a large survey observation of the Universe using PFS. Three working groups have been discussing the plans to achieve their major scientific objectives: “Cosmology” research group to reveal the nature of dark matter, dark energy and neutrinos, “Galactic archeology” research group to reconstruct the history of the Milky Way Galaxy where we exist,… Read more »

Review meeting of infrastructures for controling the PFS instruments / PFS装置制御設備の審査会議

Subaru Telescope and its instrument are, like those at many other observatories, controlled by operator and observer sitting in front of computers at the control room in the building next to the telescope enclosure. In some cases, they are operated even from the National Observatory of Japan in Mitaka, Tokyo. PFS is not a single-component instrument but an integration of… Read more »

8th PFS Collaborations Meeting / 第8回PFSコラボレーションミーティング

We are pleased to report the 8th PFS Collaborations meeting at Johns Hopkins University (JHU), Baltimore, USA, from 12th to 16th December 2016, with about 80 participants from various PFS institutions. During the week, we had 2-day all-hands session, where we shared progress reports in the instrument development and survey planning study after the last collaboration meeting, and discussed plans and… Read more »

Software collaboration meeting / ソフトウェアコラボレーション会議

PFS software collaboration meeting was held at Princeton University (USA) on 5th and 6th September. About 30 people — not only PFS members for software development, but also several staffs and software engineers from the Subaru Telescope observatory to which PFS will be delivered, and those from National Astronomical Observatory of Japan working on the database system — got together… Read more »

Presence of PFS project at “SPIE” international conference / 国際研究会SPIEでPFSの発表を行いました

From 26 June to 1 July, there was a conference titled “SPIE Astronomical telescopes and instrumentation” in Edinburgh, UK. This is a pretty big international event organized every two years where engineers and scientists from many countries over the world get together to report and discuss activities and progress against challenges in projects, research, and development of various sizes and… Read more »