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PFS presentations at the international conference SPIE

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There was an international conference called “SPIE 2022 Astronomical telescope + Instrumentation” from 17 to 22 July 2022 in Montreal, Canada. People working for research institutes and companies in the world which relate with the telescope and astronomical instruments participate in this meeting, and exchange information and do networking. SPIE conference is held every other year. The last one (in… Read more »

Presence of PFS at the SPIE conference

On June 10-15 2018, there was the SPIE conference titled “Astronomical Telescope and Instrumentation” at Austin Convention Center, in Austin, Texas, USA. This is a big international conference of astronomical instrumentation held every two years. Hundreds of presentations are given about a wide range of topics across ground-based facilities, space missions, and R&D studies. Like many other projects did so… Read more »

Presence of PFS project at “SPIE” international conference

From 26 June to 1 July, there was a conference titled “SPIE Astronomical telescopes and instrumentation” in Edinburgh, UK. This is a pretty big international event organized every two years where engineers and scientists from many countries over the world get together to report and discuss activities and progress against challenges in projects, research, and development of various sizes and… Read more »