13th PFS collaboration meeting

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Since the project launched, we have had collaboration meetings rather annually. We had the 13th collaboration meeting from 22nd to 24th March 2022. Due to the COVID situation, we meeting was held online using the platforms Zoom and Gather Town as we did in the last year.

As PFS participant institutes are from all over the world, the meeting time, starting at 13:00 UTC, was tricky in some countries — very late night in Japan and Taiwan, and early morning in California. Nevertheless, more than 150 people joined the meeting in total including these countries.

On 1st and 2nd days, the updates of the instrumentation were presented from the technical team. The technical team has tackling various technical issues, but the team did progress in the past year. On 3rd day, the strategy of survey and planning were discussed based of the latest schedule, and we shared the action items. We also discussed how the technical and science team will collaborate better in the coming engineering observations.

In addition to the oral presentations, 27 posters were presented in the poster sessions on Gather Town. Participants enjoyed discussions and conversations in front of the posters.

Group photo