PFS on-line collaboration meeting

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We had a collaboration meeting using the Zoom online meeting system on 16 and 17 September 2020.
About 160 people participated in the meeting: colleagues from the PFS participant institutions, as well as Japanese researchers who are interested in the PF project. Since the PFS participant institutions locate in 6 countries (in 8 time zone), some had the meeting late night, and some had early morning, as below. (A few colleagues in Hawaii joined even though the meeting was midnight in their time! 😲)

  • Japan: 10pm
  • China, Taiwan: 9pm
  • France, Germany: 3pm
  • the UK: 2pm
  • Brazil: 10am
  • the USA (EDT): 9am
  • the USA (PST): 6am
  • the USA (Hawaii): 3am

The meeting was 2 hours on each day. It was rather short, but very productive meeting as we shared the current status of the project, progress of the instrument development, and progress of drafting the large survey plan. We intensively discussed action items to brush up the draft.

Snapshot of the meeting

We are planning to have the next collaboration meeting in several months, although it depends on COVID-19 situation whether we have one in person or via on-line.