From the development site of Prime Focus Instrument / 主焦点装置製作の開発現場から…

Let us start with a question this time: What do you think these parts are used for? There are a number of holes… They are some of the parts for Prime Focus Instrument (PFI) named as the “Cobra bench” and the “rails”, on which the fiber positioning actuators Cobra are installed (Here for details). As a picture below, one actuator… Read more »

Software collaboration meeting / ソフトウェアコラボレーション会議

PFS software collaboration meeting was held at Princeton University (USA) on 5th and 6th September. About 30 people — not only PFS members for software development, but also several staffs and software engineers from the Subaru Telescope observatory to which PFS will be delivered, and those from National Astronomical Observatory of Japan working on the database system — got together… Read more »

Announcement of Japanese TV program / コズミックフロント☆NEXTですみれ計画とPFSが登場します!

9月8日(木)22:00からHNK、BSプレミアムで放送される『コズミックフロント☆NEXT』にすみれ計画とPFSが登場します。 番組のテーマはダークエネルギー。 宇宙の来し方・行く末にとってどんな存在なのでしょうか。ダークエネルギーと宇宙の関係を突き止めるために「すみれ計画」が発足し、その両翼を担う観測装置として現在すばる望遠鏡で大活躍している超広視野カメラHSC (Hyper Suprime-Cam) と、同じくすばる望遠鏡の次期主力装置として開発が進められている超広視野多天体分光器PFS (Prime Focus Spectrograph) があります。 番組ではダークエネルギー正体に迫るとともに、すみれ計画やPFS についても紹介される予定です。 是非ご覧ください!! コズミックフロント☆NEXTのwebサイト  

PFI parts started coming to Taiwan / 主焦点装置のパーツが台湾へ届き始めました。

Among the PFS instrument subsystems, Prime Focus Instrument (PFI) is the one that is installed to the prime focus of the Subaru telescope. PFI accommodates various key components such as 2400 fibers and actuators to be configured onto astronomical objects, and cameras to guide the telescope and lock the instrument field of view to a target area of sky. PFI… Read more »

Renovation for the PFS spectrograph system / PFS分光器システムを迎えるために…

The PFS spectrograph system, consisting of four identical modules, will be accommodated in a designated clean room on the fourth floor of the Subaru telescope enclosure building. Envisioning the delivery of the first modules in 2017, we have been developing the design and implementation plan of the floor and clean room. After we had a design review meeting in August… Read more »

Presence of PFS project at “SPIE” international conference / 国際研究会SPIEでPFSの発表を行いました

From 26 June to 1 July, there was a conference titled “SPIE Astronomical telescopes and instrumentation” in Edinburgh, UK. This is a pretty big international event organized every two years where engineers and scientists from many countries over the world get together to report and discuss activities and progress against challenges in projects, research, and development of various sizes and… Read more »

SuMIRe and PFS are introduced on Nikkei newspaper / 「すみれ」計画とPFSが日経新聞に取り上げられました。

The PFS project was introduced on a Japanese newspaper “Nikkei” on 11 May 2016 (Here: only in Japanese). In the article, Masahiro Takada (the HSC science working group chair & PFS project scientist) and Naoyuki Tamura (PFS project manager) describe the SuMIRe project (the ongoing Hyper SUprime-Cam survey and the Prime Focus Spectrograph project), the scientific goal, and the nature/challenge… Read more »

The PFI test stage and environment control chamber have been fully assembled. / 主焦点装置PFIの試験台が完成しました。

Written by Shiang-Yu Wang (ASIAA, Taiwan) One of the PFS subsystems called Prime Focus Instrument (PFI), which will be installed to the prime focus at the Subaru telescope, comprises of a lot of different modules such as ~2400 fibers and their positioners, 6 cameras for acquisition and guide of a targeted sky field. These modules will be assembled at various… Read more »

Mass production of fiber positioners have started /ファイバー配置用システムの量産を始めました

PFS will accurately position 2400 fibers to stars and galaxies on the sky in the field of view of about 1.3 degree diameter and deliver spectra for such a large number of objects at one exposure. The key component of this fiber positioning process is the actuator named “Cobra”. In the previous article, we described our testing activities to characterize… Read more »

Updates on Integration and Test of Spectrographs / 分光器組み上げ試験は今・・

From David Le Mignant (LAM) As of early 2016, several PFS spectrograph activities are on-going in parallel in France, led by Laboratoire d’Astrophysique de Marseille (LAM) with the support from the other PFS members. Among them, two major items are: 1) the thermal validation for the Visible Camera Unit: Since last year we have been undertaking this validation process (…. Read more »