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On-telescope test with four Spectrograph

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About one month has already passed since (western) new year. PFS project is keeping the efforts on development in this year to complete the instrument and start scientific operation. In the end of 2023, the four spectrograph modules were finally integrated at Subaru Telescope, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ), except for one near-infrared camera. After it, we carried out… Read more »

PFS spectrograph observed sky spectra!

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As shown in the last article, the first fiber cable unit was installed on the Subaru telescope. In fact, in the same period, we have installed another instrument — a miniature telescope called “SuNSS” to study sky spectra at Mt. Maunakea. Since night-sky emission originates from the atmosphere, any spectra observed by ground-based telescopes contain sky component as a noise…. Read more »

Meeting on data analysis software in Princeton

Written by  Naoki Yasuda (Kavli IPMU) The galaxies PFS will observe are more than 8 billion light years away and their brightness is less than one to a 10 million of the stars visible to naked eyes. To measure the properties of these faint galaxies accurately, we have to develop data analysis software which can deal with various kinds of noises included in the acquired… Read more »