Engineering observation in July 2023

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About a half-month after the second near-infrared camera was integrated, we conducted the engineering observation late July 2023.

The members from Kavli IPMU, Princeton University, Academia Sinica, Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics (ASIAA, Taiwan) and , National Astronomical Observatory of Japan joined the observations at Subaru telescope on the Maunakea summit, in the remote observation rooms, or via zoom.

Snapshot of observation.

Following the previous run, we aimed to improve the accuracy of fiber positioning on the targets and to speed up its process. We also took data to evaluate the instrument performance. Besides, various calibration data were taken to characterize the spectra and the detectors and develop the software for data processing. Furthermore, in the remote observation at the Hilo base facility, we discussed how to run PFS operations watching the observations.

Heatmap of the 1200 spectra taken with six cameras of two spectrograph modules. Every horizontal line is spectra from the individual fibers. The newly added camera took spectra in red box.

The observation lasted for 10 days. A couple of nights at the beginning were cancelled due to tropical storm Calvin, but most of the rest of the nights had good weather, which enabled us to test the instruments and to obtain a lot of the required data. The instrument was installed on the telescope before the weather got awful, so we could do some on-telescope tests and data acquisition even at the beginning. The time difference made it for some of the members to join, but we worked hard to make the most of the nights by quickly looking at and discussing the data in real time.

Staffs who worked PFS instrument exchange.

We are looking at the data in details.