Metrology Camera System integration is progressing in Taiwan/ 台湾でメトロロジカメラシステム組み上げ進行中

Metrology Camera System to measure the positions of the fibers on the Subaru prime focus is being developed by ASIAA (Academia Sinica Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics) , in Taiwan. After the success of the critical design review in 2015, the parts production and system integration are progressing, and all the mechanical parts have been manufactured. The photo below shows some of them. The parts are blackened to minimize stray light.

 (manufactured mechanical parts)

Also, the 380mm-diameter primary mirror has been integrated with the supporting structure.

MCS_DSCN8083 (primary mirror with support structure)

The camera system takes the images of all the ~2400 fibers in one exposure and measures their positions accurately, for which an exquisite image quality is required uniformly over the large area at the prime focus. To validate this requirement, a test setup with a precision pin-hole array has been designed and is now in the process of integration.

(Left: test set up. Right: pinhole array)

The development and test of the Metrology Camera System will be completed in a few months. Given this status, a meeting was held for two days on Feb 14 and 15 and the staffs of ASIAA, Subaru Telescope observatory, and PFS project office discussed preparations for a pre-shipment review. We will continue to work for the shipment, and once the review (provisionally scheduled in September) is successful, then the camera system will be the first PFS instrument subsystem to arrive at Subaru by the end of this year.

焦点面上でのファイバーの位置を測定する為に用いるメトロロジカメラシステムは台湾にある中央研究院天文及天文物理研究所 (ASIAA: Academia Sinica Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics) で開発されています。2015年に行われた 詳細設計審査会議 以降製作と組み上げが進んでおり、これまでに全ての機械部品の製作が終了しています。下の写真はその一部で、迷光を防ぐために黒く塗られています。



MCS_DSCN8083 (支持機構に取り付けられた主鏡)



メトロロジカメラの製作・試験は今後数か月で完了します。これを受けて、ASIAA、ハワイ観測所とプロジェクトオフィスのスタッフが 2 月 14, 15 日の 2 日間にわたり、ASIAA からの出荷前審査に向け準備が必要な項目を洗い出し議論を行いました。今後も作業を続け、9月頃に予定されている審査を無事通過すれば、年内にもPFS のサブシステムとしては一番乗りですばる望遠鏡へ輸送される予定です。

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