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It is absolutely incredible that science can address questions such as "How did the Universe begin?", "Will it end at some point?", "How did we come to exist?" . This kind of questions used to be solely in the realm of religion, theology, or philosophy. The Subaru Prime Focus Spectrograph project squarely aims at these age-long questions by making an unprecedented map of the universe, tracing its history. This project is building a powerful high-tech instrument that involves tiny robots to control the position of thousands of optical fibers, state-of-the art electronics to capture the faint light of galaxies which has traveled for billions of years across the universe, and high-precision mechanical control to precisely point to distant stars and galaxies. This project involves astronomers from four continents, not only boosting science but also [world peace]( through pursuit of humankind's common goals. I very much hope that you will help us achieve our goal to acquire approximately US$5M to complete the construction of the instrument. Every penny counts. For major donors, we also have naming opportunities. We have actually been given financial supports and encouraging words from quite a few people already. Thank you very much!

Sincerely yours,
Hitoshi Murayama
  Professor of Kavli IPMU
  Principal Investigator of PFS project

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