PFS Software for Survey Operation

PFS has designated software packages for operating the large survey efficiently. These packages are open source software, and codes are visible on github.

Survey Planing and Tracking package

Survey Planing and Tracking (SPT) package coordinates entire large survey programs. SPT assigns the targets into multiple exposures, and builds exposure configurations with calibration and guiding stars, interfacing with ETS. After the observation and data processing, SPT feeds back to the next exposure configurations, taking account into data quality assurance by DRP.
SPT will be an open source software (GPLv2).

Exposure Targeting Software package

Exposure Targeting Software (ETS) package works for a single exposure configurations. Using the list of science targets and calibration targets (e.g. sky, standard stars, and guiding stars), which SPT provides, ETS allocates fibers to the targets.
ETS is an open source software (GPLv2).

Data Reduction Pipeline

Data Reduction Pipeline (DRP) packages process acquired images and analyze the extracted spectra. DRP comprise two packages: 2D DRP and 1D DRP. 2D DRP extracts 1-D spectra from 2-D images and calibrates them. It also carries out quality assurance of the data. 1D DRP, on the other hand, measures the spectral parameters of galaxies and stars.
Both DRP are open source software. The license is GPLv3 (2D DRP) and CeCILL (1D DRP).

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