News from Integration Work of Fiber Cable

A few month ago, we reported that we had entered on the second phase of the fiber cable integration (see this). This time we are going to show news since then.

PFS catches the light of stars and galaxies by fibers installed on the prime focal plane at the top of Subaru Telescope, and obtains their spectra with the spectrograph modules in the dome building. Here, it is 55-meter fiber cable system that delivers the light from the prime focus to the spectrograph modules.

Fundamental part of the fiber cable system was built in UK and shipped to
Laboratório Nacional de Astrofísica (LNA), Brazil. At LNA, as a second phase of integration, several devices will be installed such as connectors with the prime focus instrument and the spectrograph modules, mechanisms to release a strong stress which may be given to fibers during operation, and an assembly to check cable connection. Fiber ends will be polished during this phase.

One unit of the fiber cable system, covering one spectrograph module, consists of more than 600 fibers whose diameter is about 200 micro meter. Besides, even though the integration work is related to only the cable ends, their length is still quite long, several meters each. Therefore, we have repeated discussions focusing on how safe and organized the processes are. After long discussions, the integration work started at full swing in January 2020. Integration is in progress aiming at installation to the Subaru Telescope in the middle of this year.

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