The first things installed at the Subaru telescope is …

The subsystems of the PFS instrument are being developed at various institutes. These subsystems will be delivered to the Subaru telescope in Hawaii from what will be finished integration and test at the laboratory. It is already one year before the first subsystem will be delivered to the Subaru telescope, and start its integration and test there.

To operate the subsystems integrated, safely and stably, we have the system to control the entire instrument by coordinating the individual control systems for each sub-instrument. Besides, we have infrastructures shared among all control systems, such as storage, logger, backup basement, and virtual machine clusters. The infrastructure is prepared by Kavli IPMU, and it passed the review meeting with the Subaru telescope last March.

From late September to early October, the PFS storage and computers were shipped to the Subaru telescope, where they were installed, and the initial configurations were established.

(PFS storage and computers delivered to the Subaru telescope)

In the future, envisioning the arrival of the subsystems at Subaru next year, we’ll continue to establish the control infrastructure, and develop the control system to operate the instrument cooperating with the Subaru control system. In addition, the infrastructure will be used for testing the control devices of the Spectrograph Clean Room.

(Dr. Atsushi Shimono (Kavli IPMU), installing the computers.)

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