Subaru renovated a dome floor for the PFS Spectrographs

In July 2017, the Spectrograph Clean Room  was finally built up on the fourth floor of the dome building at Subaru Telescope!

Spectrograph Clean Room at Subaru Telescope

It has been one year and a few month since the previous instrument was cleaned up from the floor, in order to accommodate four PFS spectrographs. Since then, floor has been reinforced, the hatch has been installed, the crane has been accommodated in the room, and the clean room has been constructed. Currently, further preparations are going on to receive the PFS spectrographs such as  piping  cooling systems and cabling power distribution.

Besides, in September 2017, a rack to accommodating devices to control the spectrographs and the clean room was delivered to the Subaru Telescope, from Johns Hopkins University.

A rack for control systems settled nearby the clean room.

The control devices will be installed to the rack soon, and then some experiment will be carried out for controlling the room temperature.

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