First light at lab.! / 実験室ファーストライト!

The PFS Spectrographs  are integrated and validated their performances at Laboratoire d’Astrophysique de Marseille (LAM), France. At present, the first spectroraph module is being assembled,  tested for the performance of individual parts. Last month, we had the First Light of the visible-red camera in the laboratory.

The below is the first light image, in which you can see many spectra of fibers illuminated by ambient light.

(first light image)

Hereafter, image qualities such as spot size and its stability will be tested using engineering fibers and designated light source.

PFSの分光器 はフランスのマルセイユ天文物理研究所 (LAM) で最終的な組上げ、性能評価が行われます。 現在は1台目の分光器を組み立てつつ、各部分の性能を確認しているところですが、先月、ついに可視光域赤用カメラの実験室ファーストライトを迎えました。




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