Review meeting of design of the Spectrographs Clean Room was held

A review meeting for the Clean Room holding the spectrographs was held on 19 and 20 August at Hawaii Observatory, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan. The participants were from Kavli IPMU, collaborators having the responsibility for the Spectrograph, and Hawaii Observatory.

The spectrographs are put on the fourth floor in the dome building of  Subaru telescope. The floor will have a huge clean room with the weight of 15 ton (33000 lb) for four spectrographs. The clean room is designed to have a crane for building up and maintaining the observational
instruments, and an air control system for keeping the stability of the instruments.

There are various topics for design of the floor, not only the details of the clean room. For example, we need to arrange a bunch of cables and pipes in order to control mechanics, to cool down the cryogenic camera unit, and to operate the detectors. We also need to use safely and maintain easily the electric power as high as 30kVA at maximum, which corresponds to 15 standard homes. Because most of these equipment are newly prepared as well as the PFS spectrographs themselves, we should determine in details how to safely and steadily transfer all parts up to the fourth floor, and to build up the room and instruments. We engaged in a vigorous debate about various topics like these for two days.

IR4_design (design of the floors)

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