Monthly Archives: August 2015

IAU General Assembly / IAU総会で発表しました。

From third to fourteenth August, International Astronomical Union (IAU) general assembly was held in Honolulu, Hawaii, the US. Astronomers from all over the world gathered for discussions during this international workshop. The PFS project presented a poster, with which the project manager and collaborators introduced the project and explained the progress. 夏休みシーズンの8月3日から14日に、ハワイ州ホノルルで国際天文学連合(IAU)の総会が開かれました。この国際会議には世界中から天文学者が集まってきます。PFSプロジェクトもポスターを出し、プロジェクトマネージャーを始め共同開発機関の方々が計画の紹介や進捗の説明をしました。  

PFS science workshop in Japan / PFS国内サイエンスワークショップ

Subaru/PFS science workshop for Japanese researchers was held at NAOJ Mitaka campus on July 7-11, 2015. About 90 Japanese researchers gathered and discussed possible science cases with the PFS. In this workshop, not only three PFS key sciences (“cosmological” studies to understand the nature of dark matter and dark energy, “galactic archaeology” studies to reveal the history of our Milky… Read more »

First Spectrograph Module started to be built / 最初の分光器の組み上げが始まりました。

The PFS project has reached a major milestone toward completing the instrument. PFS has four identical spectrograph modules in order to observe about 2400 astronomical objects. Among them, various modules for the first spectrograph are coming to a clean room at Marseille Observatory (LAM) in France from our team over the world. (delivery of modules) Below are the pictures of the modules;… Read more »