PFS science workshop in Japan / PFS国内サイエンスワークショップ


Subaru/PFS science workshop for Japanese researchers was held at NAOJ Mitaka campus on July 7-11, 2015. About 90 Japanese researchers gathered and discussed possible science cases with the PFS.
In this workshop, not only three PFS key sciences (“cosmological” studies to understand the nature of dark matter and dark energy, “galactic archaeology” studies to reveal the history of our Milky way galaxy, and “galaxy formation and evolution” studies to comprehend the origin of galaxies) were discussed, but also new science cases were found.
Since PFS is an international collaboration project, it is important that we advertise the project to entire members of each partner and potential new partners. Not only NAOJ and IPMU but entire Japanese community is a member of the project. It is very important to let many Japanese researchers know the excellence of the PFS project. We, entire Japanese community, will continue to meet regularly and raise the momentum to the success of the project.

PFSプロジェクトは日本の天文学コミュニティー全体が参加し、国際協力で行なうプロジェクトです。PFSでのサイエンス検討を日頃から進めている各パートナー機関以外、つまり日本国内でPFSの開発に参加している機関である国立天文台と東京大学Kavli IPMU以外の、日本国内の研究者コミュニティー全体を巻き込んだ検討はおろそかになりがちです。今回、PFSに興味を持っている研究者が国内にも多くいる事が明らかになりました。これからも定期的にこのような研究会を開催し、PFSを用いた大規模サーベイに対する国内の機運を高めていこうと思います。

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