PFS Science Workshop 2010

  1. Date: December 9 - 10 , 2010
  2. Venue: National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (Mitaka, Tokyo)



Day 1 (December 9):

Time Name Title
(Chair: Takada)
10:00 Arimoto Purpose of this meeting
10:10 Murayama PFS updates pdf
10:40 Karoji Framework of international collaboration and IPMU
11:10 Takami Commetns from Subaru Observatory pdf
11:50 Discussion
12:10 Lunch Break
(Chair: Iwata)
13:30 Takada PFS Science White Paper
Science session
13:40 Gunn PFS spectrograph design + NIR-arm science casepdf
14:20 Tamura FMOS & PFS pdf
14:55 Takada Cosmology with SuMIRe HSC/PFS pdf
15:30 Taruya Modeling baryon acoustic oscillations: prospect and impact on cosmology pdf
15:50 Break
(Chair: Takada)
16:10 Hanami ダストに包まれた銀河の星形成とAGNの共進化
(Co-evolution of Star forming and AGN in embedded galaxies)
16:30 Silverman PFS-WIDE: a spectroscopic survey of one million galaxies up to z~2 pdf
17:05 Tanaka Galaxy evolution studies at 0<z<2 with PFS pdf
17:25 Ouchi PFS Deep Survey for Galaxy Formation and Cosmic Reionization pdf
18:15 banquet @ NAOJ cafeteria “Cosmos Kaikan”

Day 2 (December 10):

Time Name Title
(Chair: Akiyama)
9:00 Matsuhara Dusty Galaxies: PFS key-sciences with Herschel-ATLAS galaxies pdf
9:35 Chiba Galactic Archaeology with SuMIRe HSC/PFS pdf
10:10 Break
10:30 Imanishi QSO/AGN study with PFS pdf
11:05 Bundy Galaxy Formation with the PFS Cosmology Survey: The Potential for Hybrid Strategies pdf
11:30 Menard New science with PFS pdf
12:00 Lunch Break
(Chair: Motohara)
13:30 Suzuki Ly alpha Forest Science & Cosmology pdf
14:05 Nagao Search for extremely metal-poor galaxies with HSC, PFS, and TMT pdf
14:25 Discussion (Chair: Motohara)