SuMIRe/PFS PDR / 25 - 26 Feburary, 2013


  • Ray Sharples (Durham) - Chair
  • David Crampton (HIA/NRC)
  • Tomonori Usuda (Subaru/NAOJ)
  • Hermine Schnetler (United Kingdom Astronomy Technology Centre)
  • Masashi Hazumi (KEK)
  • John Wilson (University of Virginia)

Preliminary design documents

  • Science and Operational Concept
  • Functional Performance Requirements
  • Technical Design
  • Management and Cost

About PDR

The PFS team successfully completed a Conceptual Design Review held 2012 March 19. There we showed that our conceptual design meets the preliminary requirements and that the interfaces are workable. We also presented a clear plan to refine and mature the requirements and interfaces, as well as plans to complete the design, analyses, test, and integration activities that are consistent with the project resources and risk posture.

Based on eleven months of our work since this milestone, we, the PFS team, will have a Preliminary Design Review (PDR) on 2013 February 25th and 26th at Subaru observatory in Hilo, Hawaii. Although it is an internal event, the reviewing will be carried out by external reviewers, just as we did for the CoDR, in order that the PFS team can receive independent and objective comments and suggestions and to make improvements based on them.

During this two-day review, we will present overall designs and demonstrate readiness to proceed to detailed designs. We will also demonstrate how the system acts together as a whole to meet the project requirements. (see PDR objectives below for more details) To accomplish this, we will focus in more detail on technical and management aspects than we did in the CoDR, although we will present an overview of the whole project for the benefit of new reviewers. We will also discuss in some detail the requirements derived from the scientific program for the instrument and their flowdown to the instrument requirements. In the Preliminary Design phase, we have carried out several tradeoff studies in which two or more subcomponents (and institutions) are involved. We expect helpful comments from experienced reviewers on some unresolved tradeoff issues, based on our intensive studies presented in the review. We also would like to have their advice on issues specific to our project, e.g, the instrument integration and maintenance in a project with this scale of international collaboration.

The PDR dates have been set based on Subaru Observatory and NAOJ schedules so that we can share this opportunity with the Subaru directorate, astronomers, and engineers as well as NAOJ staff members. After our successful completion of the PDR, NAOJ will organize a review on the PFS instrument particularly focused on management aspects. The PFS team will try to include issues related to the NAOJ review objectives as much as is possible also in the PDR.


Day 0 (24/Feb/2013) - Subaru Telescope (Summit) Tour, Dinner for reviewers

Summit Tour for Reviewers Information ("Rough" schedule)

  • around noon : leaving Hilo for the Summit
  • around 2pm : arriving at the Summit
  • around 4pm (at latest) : leaving the Summit for Hilo
Day 1 (25/Feb/2013) - PFS PDR meeting Day 1 (open session all day)
8:30From Subaru director (Nobuo Arimoto)
8:35Introductory remarks (Hitoshi Murayama)
8:50PDR objectives (Hajime Sugai)
8:55Instrument overview, including program (Hajime Sugai)
  • science requirements (Masahiro Takada, Richard Ellis)
  • flowdown to instrument (Naoyuki Tamura)
    including error budget on the whole system
    (cf. error budget on subcomponents will be included in each partner's presentation.)
11:00Quick replies to CoDR review panel comments including quick explanation of PDR documents
  • management & technical aspects (Hajime Sugai)
  • science aspect (Masahiro Takada, Richard Ellis)
11:30Focal plane for PFS (Naoyuki Tamura)
11:50Microlens (Naoyuki Tamura)
13:30Fiber system (Cesar Oliveira, Ligia Oliveira)
14:30PFI (Mark Schwochert, Shiang-Yu Wang, Reed Riddle, Dan Reiley)
15:50Fiber Positioner (Charlie Fisher, Larry Hovland)
16:50Metrology camera (Shiang-Yu Wang)
Day 2 (26/Feb/2013) - PFS PDR meeting Day 2 (open session all day)
8:30Spectrograph (Sebastien Vives)
9:30Dewar & detector (Jim Gunn, Steve Smee)
10:50System software; including OCDD use case? (Atsushi Shimono)
12:50Data reduction software (Steve Bickerton, Laurence Tresse)
13:50Team organization, schedule, cost, risk management (Hajime Sugai, Hitoshi Murayama)
15:30AIT at Subaru (Naoyuki Tamura)
(cf. AIT of subcomponents, including spectrograph AIT at LAM and PFI AIT at JPL-CIT
will be included in each partner's presentation.)
16:00Calibration tradeoff studies (Jim Gunn)
16:30Other tradeoff studies (Naoyuki Tamura)
(cf. tradeoff studies on subcomponents will be included in each partner's presentation.)
Day 3 (27/Feb/2013) - PFS PDR meeting Day 3 / PFS post-PDR meeting Day 1
  • discussion within reviewers
  • report from reviewers
  • technical group meetings
Day 4 (28/Feb/2013) - PFS post-PDR meeting Day 2
  • technical group meetings
Day 5 (1/Mar/2013) - summit tour for PFS