2016 PFS software collaboration meeting

  1. Date: 5 and 6 September 2016
  2. Venue: Princeton University, Princeton, USA


Monday, 5 September 2016

Time Name Title
08:15 (Bagels and coffee)
09:00 Naoyuki Tamura (Kavli IPMU) Opening remark
09:20 Atsushi Shimono (Kavli IPMU) Software configuration from instrument control perspectives
09:40 Kiyoto Yabe (Kavli IPMU) Summit operation of PFS from PFS perspectives
10:05 Eric Jeschke (Subaru) Summit operation of PFS from Subaru perspectives
10:30 (Break)
10:50 Yuki Moritani (Kavli IPMU) Fiber configuration
11:05 Johannes Gross (JPL) Cobra operation: Current status at Caltech & JPL
11:30 Johannes Gross (JPL) Simulations on Convergence
11:55 Shiang-Yu Wang (ASIAA) & Atsushi Shimono (Kavli IPMU) Cobra operation: A concept based on realistic conditions
12:25 (Lunch)
13:35 Chi-Hung Yan (ASIAA) PFI & MCS control software
14:00 Jennifer Karr (ASIAA) Metrology camera image analysis: Algorithm development & tests
14:25 Arnaud Le Fur (LAM) SpS control software
14:50 Jim Gunn (Princeton) Detectors (CCD and H4RG)
15:15 Atsushi Shimono (Kavli IPMU) Detectors data flow & FITS files generation
15:35 (Break)
15:55 Yuki Moritani (Kavli IPMU) PFS commissioning from software integration perspectives
16:20 Craig Loomis (Princeton) Messaging Hub System (MHS) on Subaru CHARIS
16:40 Philip Tait (Subaru) Comments from the observatory to the PFS commissioning: Lessons and learns from previous instruments, in particular FMOS and CHARIS.
17:00 Atsushi Shimono (Kavli IPMU) Software development management
17:25 Discussion

Monday, 5 September 2016

Time Name Title
08:15 (Bagels and coffee)
09:00 Naoyuki Tamura (Kavli IPMU) Overview of the 2nd-day agenda
09:15 Kiyoto Yabe (Kavli IPMU) PFS survey operation concept
09:40 Eiichiro Komatsu (MPA) Fiber-to-target allocation software
10:05 (Break)
10:25 Robert Lupton (Princeton) 2D data reduction pipeline (2D DRP)
10:50 Stephane Arnouts (LAM) 1D data reduction pipeline (1D DRP)
11:15 Discussion
11:45 (Taking a conference photo)
12:00 (Lunch)
13:00 Robert Lupton (Princeton) PFS data model
13:25 Naoki Yasuda (Kavli IPMU) PFS database development
13:50 Masayuki Tanaka (NAOJ) HSC+PFS database from NAOJ's perspectives
14:15 Yoshihiko Yamada (NAOJ) Overview of HSC database
14:40 (Break)
15:00 Robert Lupton (Princeton) PFS data quality assessment & assurance
15:25 Masato Onodera (Subaru) PFS operation from the observatory perspectives
15:50 Discussion
18:00 (A social event)