1st PFS collaboration meeting

  1. Date: July 11 - 13, 2011
  2. Venue: lecture hall, 1st floor of IPMU, Univ of Tokyo

Goals of the meeting

The PFS white paper was a science document largely constructed within the Japanese community to illustrate the overall potential of PFS. At the January Subaru Users meeting PI Murayama suggested that the exploitation of PFS should be undertaken in two ways: (i) an international SSP involving both the core PFS team and the members of the Japanese community, and (ii) general access by the Japanese community for independent programs. Before funds can be raised for the instrument, the international partners in PFS must better understand the arrangements.

Specifically, we need to discuss how the international SSP will be developed. By when must it be agreed? What are the science areas it will contain? Will there be any flexibility in the science case given we cannot predict now all the important science PFS may accomplish when it is undertakes a survey perhaps in a period some years away? It may be that the PFS SSP does not follow precisely the format of earlier SSP programs.

As IPMU is not a representative of the Japanese astronomical community, the meeting can act as an important means for discussions between the Japanese community and the core PFS team.

The meeting will also provide a much-needed opportunity to review the newly-formed PFS project office. How will this office function and interface with the international partners? Technically, the project faces many hurdles in developing a credible timeline given the numerous constraints. What are the restrictions on spending the current IPMU funds? Different components of PFS are in different stages of technical and financial readiness. Will construction be begun before all the funds have been raised? Will project reviews of the various components be conducted simultaneously or independently?


Monday, July 11

Time Name Title
08:30 coffee and light breakfast
09:00 Hitoshi Murayama (IPMU) a kick-off talk, the goals of the meeting
09:15 Richard Ellis (Caltech) Core Team requirements and overview of science projects
09:45 Hajime Sugai (IPMU) Report from the project office
10:30 Break
10:50 Jim Gunn (Princeton) Princeton comments
11:10 Paul Ho (ASIAA) Taiwan comments
11:30 Laerte Sodre Jr (Sao Paulo) Brazilian comments
11:50 Olivier LeFevre (LAM) Marseille comments
12:10 Lunch
13:40 TBA Subaru Strategic Project (SSP) Survey
14:00 Masamune Oguri (IPMU) HSC collaboration
14:20 Hideki Takami (NAOJ) Subaru view of PFS
14:40 Nobuo Arimoto (NAOJ) SAC view
15:00 Break @IPMU tea-time
15:30 Jim Gunn (Princeton) science cases with PFS
16:00 Jean-Paul Kneib (LAM) scienece csees with PFS
16:30 John Silverman (IPMU) galaxy evolution
17:00 Tohru Nagao (Kyoto) QSO

Tuesday, July 12

Time Name Title
08:30 coffee and light breakfast
09:00 Masahiro Takada (IPMU) PFS White Paper (the version by the Japanese community)
09:30 Masami Ouchi (Tokyo) high-z galaxy
10:00 Coffee
10:30 Discussion on SSP science team (Murayama, Ellis, Suto, Arimoto, Gunn)
- What is the PFS science team?
- What are the main scientific drivers?
- How does PFS science fit into SSP?
- Collaboration issues
- Action items
12:20 Lunch
13:40 Hitoshi Murayama (IPMU) the technical collaboration: overview
13:55 Hiroshi Karoji (IPMU) Project Office Developments and Management Plan
14:10 Hajime Sugai (IPMU) timeline for PFS
14:25 Shiang-Yu Wang (ASIAA) Metrology camera
14:55 Break @IPMU tea-time
15:30 Jim Gunn (Princeton) Spectrograph timeline and issues
16:00 Brice Mnard (JHU) proposed JHU contribution
16:30 Olivier LeFevre (LAM) Spectrograph and LAM issues
17:00 Mike Seiffert (JPL) positioner timetable
17:30 Laerte Sodre Jr (Sao Paulo) Fiber system
18:45 dinner @ cafeteria "Plaza IKOI"

Tuesday, July 12

Time Name Title
08:30 coffee and light breakfast
09:00 (contributions or further discussions if needed)
09:00 Closed discussion session for the instrumentation teams
- Timeline
- Agreed actions for technical partnership
- etc.

Participant list