SuMIRe/PFS PFI CDR / 09 - 10 March, 2015


  • Naoyuki Tamura (Kavli IPMU, PFS project, Chair)
  • Naruhisa Takato (Subaru Telescope/NAOJ, PFS project)
  • Jim Gunn (Princeton University, PFS project)
  • Graham Murray (Durham University, PFS project)
  • Ted Huang (ASIAA)
  • French Leger (University of Washington)
  • Kirk Seaman (JPL Astrophysics Formulation Office)
  • Mark Colavita (JPL Instrument Optics)
  • Randy Foehner (JPL Mechanical Systems)
  • Kim Aaron (JPL Mechanical Systems)


Day 1 (9 March 2015)
1 Introduction
  • Welcome/Introductions
  • Review Board
  • Scope/Success Criteria
  • Comment from review board/Chair
2 PFS Overview
3 PFI Overview
  • Pictures/Block Diagram
  • Organization Chart
  • Summary Schedule
  • Significant Changes since PDR
  • Product Tree
  • Actions from Project and PFI PDR
  • Main issues, concerns and mitigations
4 PFI Detailed Design
4.1 PFI L3 Requirements
  • Interfaces
  • Technical Performance estimates and Margins (rolled up to PFI level)
  • Technical Resources estimates and Margins (rolled up to PFI level)
    Mass, power, volume estimates, uncertainties, and growth allowance
Wang et al.
4.2 ASIAA Subsystems
  • A & G Cameras
  • Cable Wrapper/upper structure
  • Field Element
  • Fiducial Fiber Illuminator
  • Power and coolant systems
  • Rotating lower structures
  • PFICS --- Status and plans for future CDR level review, interfaces sufficiently defined.
  • PFI calibration system --- Status and plans for future CDR level review, interfaces sufficiently defined.
Wang et al.
4.3 Cable C
  • Tower connector
  • Strain relief box(s)
  • Fiber arm assemblies
  • Modular plates 1, 2, 3
Oliveira et al.
Summarize and Adjourn day 1
Day 2 (10 March 2015)
4.4 Positioner Subsystem
  • Bench
  • Field Element Mount
  • Fiducial fibers
  • Positioner Modules
  • Positioners
  • Electronics
  • MPS
Fisher at al.
5 PFI Integration and Test
  • Integration, test, and calibration (ITC) requirements, plans, and schedules
  • Test verification matrix
  • Facility requirements and availability
  • Alignment/calibration requirements and set-up
  • Functional and performance testing requirements and plans
  • Environmental testing requirements and plans, including facilities, configuration(s)
  • Stimulus and auxiliary equipment (e.g., illumination, metrology, etc.)
  • Test readiness and delivery review plans, including deliverables and status
  • ITC documentation status and schedule, including risk assessment for late items
  • Personnel training and availability
  • Special handling considerations
6 Support to PFS level I & T, Commissioning and Operations
  • Personnel, including staffing, training, etc.
  • Support equipment and uses in system assembly, integration, and test
  • Documentation --- list of what is expected to be delivered along with hardware (procedures, user manuals, drawings, schematics, etc.)
  • Transportation plans
  • Handling requirements and constraints on subsystem uses in system integration and test (I&T)
  • PFI design features to support integration, test and operations
  • Logistics plans --- shipping, moving and storage
  • Delivery review plans
7 Review wrap up
  • PFI risk list
  • Summary
  • Review board caucus
  • Feedback from review board
  • Post CDR follow-up regarding actions or future reviews