The PFI test stage and environment control chamber have been fully assembled. / 主焦点装置PFIの試験台が完成しました。

Written by Shiang-Yu Wang (ASIAA, Taiwan)

One of the PFS subsystems called Prime Focus Instrument (PFI), which will be installed to the prime focus at the Subaru telescope, comprises of a lot of different modules such as ~2400 fibers and their positioners, 6 cameras for acquisition and guide of a targeted sky field. These modules will be assembled at various other institutes separately and will be delivered to ASIAA (Academia Sinica Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics), Taiwan, where they will be integrated to the “PFI” subsystem and tested for its performance to be verified before shipped to the Subaru telescope.

The integration and test facility for PFI has been fully assembled at ASRD (Aeronautical Systems Research Division), a partner for PFI integration in Taichung, Taiwan. The facility includes an environment control chamber of a 3-meter cube, a tilt stage with an x-y (i.e. 2D) scanner and a control room. The PFI will sit on the tilt stage in the environment control chamber for the whole integration and testing process. The facility is to provide the necessary conditions to characterize the home positions and movement of “Cobra” actuators for fiber configuration, and to verify that the target convergence can be achieved within required time and error budget. The temperature of the environmental chamber can be as low as -10C and can be controlled in the range from +5 to -5C to simulate the PFI operation conditions.

Further calibration between the x-y scanner and the PFI interface is in progress now.  We expect to start the PFI integration after the delivery of the Cobra Optical Bench is delivered in June.

DSCN3981_marked (Chamber: marked with circle. Next is the control room)

DSCN3969 (Test stand)

DSCN3973_marked (2-D position scanner, marked with arrow)

英文:Shiang-Yu Wang [王祥宇] (ASIAA, 台湾)

PFSのサブシステムのうち、すばる望遠鏡の主焦点に取り付けられる主焦点装置をPFIと言います。ここには、約2400本ファイバーやその精密配置用アクチュエータ、観測領域を導入し望遠鏡の指向をガイドする為の6つのカメラ等、多くのモジュールが搭載されます。これらのモジュールは様々な機関で別々に組み立てられてから台湾にある中央研究院天文及天文物理研究所(ASIAA: Academia Sinica Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics)に送られ、PFIとして組み上げられたら、すばる望遠鏡へ輸送される前に性能試験が行われることになっています。



DSCN3981_marked (試験用の部屋:丸印。隣は制御室)

DSCN3969 (試験台)

DSCN3973_marked (2次元位置測定器:矢印)


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